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Broken Heart
start up


To really help Broken Hearts on a daily basis, we invented the world's first online coach for broken hearts. Via this custom build web app, you could either register yourself or a friend and ludduvuddu will, based on your personal information, send you daily acts of support that will help you get through that awful time in your life. The acts of support were tips, tricks and tools to help you feel better. But ofcourse we also needed help from your friends and family and that's why they could also register and get notified when you were feeling blue and sad (and take you to a bar for example) or when you were cheerful and upbeat (and also take you to a bar). The online coach was for free and since it's launch we supported over 30.000 broken hearts in the Netherlands alone. Unfortunately, our business model was also broken, so ludduvuddu closed it's doors in 2015. But we will be back...

CREDITS / nudnik for ludduvuddu + getlogic  + Pieter Frank de Jong PHOTOGRAPHY by Maarten Wouters

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