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Part of the 'Many faces of creativity' series, the Critic represents those moments when you look at your own work and think: 'This could be better'. Even if that is sometimes extremely frustrating, it also makes your work better time after time. And it ensures that you are no longer a rookie, but know exactly how to make your best work next time.


'The Critic' is a funky green wooden wall piece, made from 2 recycled creative projects by nudnik; the wooden base is made from an old, gigantic Christmas tree (from Haarlem from 2015) and the lasercut mdf I used facial expressions before for the website of my broken heart service.


> Would you like to know more about Many Faces of Creativity? Check out the project page!


'The Critic' - Part of the collection 'Many Faces of Creativity' by nudnik

MDF & Christmas tree wood, acrylic paint.

About 22 x 30cm , 4 cm thick.


Out of stock? Send me a message and I can make it for you to order. The shape will be slightly different because I use the natural shape of the wood.

The Critic

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