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Part of the 'Many faces of creativity' series, the Duality represents the eternal battle between wanting to make what feels good and making money. The most beautiful feeling is when the two come together, but in me it is often still an inner struggle. So if I sell the Duality, everything will fit together again. 😋 


'The Duality' is a radiant light blue wooden wall piece, made from 2 recycled creative projects by nudnik from 2015) and the lasercut mdf facial expressions I used before for the website of my broken heart service.


> Would you like to know more about Many Faces of Creativity? Check out the project page!


'The Duality' - Part of the collection 'Many Faces of Creativity' by nudnik

MDF & Christmas tree wood, acrylic paint.

About 22 x 30cm , 4 cm thick.


Out of stock? Send me a message and I can make it for you to order. The shape will be slightly different because I use the natural shape of the wood.

The Duality

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